Ladies Glove - Stripe Show
Ladies Glove - Stripe Show
Ladies Glove - Stripe Show
Ladies Glove - Stripe Show

Ladies Glove

Stripe Show
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Protect your hands in style 

The SS Ladies Glove is designed with genuine Cabretta leather to maximize grip and comfort throughout the entire swing.  We engineered small perforations along the fingers for increased breathability and comfort while keeping your hands dry during play. 



  1. Fit— How do you like your glove to fit? A nice tight fit glove, standard, or looser feel. 
  2. Hand Size— How do you describe your hands? On the thin side , average, or thicker hands? 
  3. Current Glove Size — Let us know what glove size you are currently playing. 
This information will allow us to dial in the exact fit for you hand. With over 15 different sizes , we are confident that your custom glove will be the perfect fit!
No more hoping the size you selected fit— Any other information you feel would help us get you the perfect fit, please leave comments in the notes section at checkout. 



  • Worn on left hand (Right Handed Golfers) - Lefty golfers (COMING SOON)
  • AAA Cabretta leather
  • Perforations along the fingers and hand for increased breathability
  • Contoured fit wrist lining ensures the glove stays in place during the swing
  • Adjustment fit provides a customized, locked-in fit
  • Keeps your hand dry during play