Stripe Show - The golf community

Stripe Show—The Golf Community 
July 18, 2019
Let’s Grow the Game Together

Friends don't let friends play bad golf conditions!
Have you ever showed up to a golf course so excited to tee it up with your buddies…to find out that the course conditions had changed dramatically in the last 2 weeks? Well, that is exactly what happened to us. We had played a local public course 14 days ago, and looked forward to another enjoyable experience. We were DEAD WRONG. After shaking our heads in disgust, we tried to remember why we even decided on this course. It was not that long ago that we were out here and the course was in great shape. 


The course did not fall apart over night. It took two weeks for the conditions to deteriorate enough to make it not worth the money we paid. As we walked off the first green frustrated and upset we thought there had to be a solution to this problem.  
With so many golf courses in Arizona, it is always a tough decision to pick a course to play. We start with a price and location. Next, we choose a timeframe that works best for us...and TADA we pick a course and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this is not a full-proof plan that results in a great golf experience—we are fed up with overpaying for bad golf conditions!

This is why we started this BLOG—to inform golfers about current golf course conditions. Golf is expensive and takes a lot of time—everyone wants an enjoyable experience. Let’s join forces and keep you and your friends from playing bad golf conditions. 

How to become part of the Stripe Show community ? 


  • When you play a golf course, send pictures, videos, or comments of your most current round.
  • Provide feedback on (pace of play, green conditions, fairway conditions, overall experience)
  • Earn Your Stripes 

Let’s all make better decisions on choosing a golf course to play. 

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